Mar 21, 2015

Los Angeles Silver Jobs: Districts 1-3


The silver level jobs of Districts 1-3 of Los Angeles are shown below. The energy requirements are much steeper than bronze and the ratios aren’t that much better. The currency requirements also increase. What’s scary about the images is the energy cost. Since these are only the silver jobs, it’s hard to even imagine what they will be for the ruby level. Serial levelers may have to rethink strategy on farming consumables. If the ratios prevent you from leveling than it’s probably best to move up a level. It may take more energy but at least you can do enough jobs to get a few. The drop rates for consumables are so horrible that it could take 2 or 3 levels just to get 1 item.

District 1
District 2
District 3

The ratios of all jobs are shown below.

Job District 1 District 2 District 3
1 1.834 1.968 1.984
2 1.868 1.996 2.030
3 1.975 1.962 1.971
4 1.887 2.128 2.094
5 1.949 2.040 2.138
6 2.044 2.021 2.004
7 2.021 2.048 2.012
8 2.070 1.986 2.142
9 2.096 2.118 2.011


  1. This all wouldn't be so bad IF Zynga hadn't made EVERY DAMN JOB that you need to farm consumables for a negative cash one. You can't find any cash now...and requiring you to PAY to TRY to get a consumable is absolutely ridiculous. If they changed that I could live with the higher energy requirements, but they have made LA pretty much unplayable except for those high energy accounts which can serial level. Thanx've lost another VIP player.

    1. There is cash out there you just know where to look.
      Have you not noticed that if you are slow in banking what ever you collect gone - that has gone to someone smarter than you - unbeknown to you, you have been in a fight - lost - lost any BK acquired not banked.
      The money is there however it does take a while and even then you collect (to bank otherwise what is the point) 12 - 25 BK [this is just roughly but it is there]
      There are times when you might see larger amounts - in my case I bank +/- 20 BK if or when

  2. mafia wars no longer a fun game to play

  3. I'm in no hurry to move on. Planning to amass 300 each of the consumables before finishing the first level.

  4. Why would we rethink our strategy ? The harder they make higher levels, the more we should stay on bronze. that has always been my strategy anyway.

    1. Serial levelers only. If you can't serial on the lower levels than it makes no sense to stay there to farm consumables. You would be better off going to a tier that has ratios that allow you to serial level then you can farm consumables all day long. I should say serial levelers using scripts. I sure don't want to farm manually. I went to gold and the ratios aren't that great there but they are enough where I can level.

    2. When I read some of these comments I do wonder whether it is me that is abnormal.
      How many players does this game have? I saw millions play this game
      Yet you manage to draw all the whingers - what kind of game do they want to play?
      I only read this blog because you (the 1 that get all that information that helps) but then even you whinge when you get the chance.
      By the way the only reason why I am anonymous is when I did use my name I got abused - free thought is not welcome
      Now even I have had my whinge

      PS please keep up your hard (enjoyable) work, what you do is appreciated - thank you

    3. I whinge about whinging, love it!

  5. on this LA thing.. it's so wrong to put job cost to based your energy! When zynga start same thing to arena.. level up stamina differences :) with your 60k max stamina use u get 60k score and if you have only 10k stamina you get 60k score ;)
    Job's must cost same energy to ALL !!!


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