Mar 20, 2015

Los Angeles Bronze Jobs: Districts 1-3


Los Angeles wasn’t met with much fanfare or hype. Sure we got a contest to guess the location, a video released only hours before launch and of course the recycled pre-release event. With the direction the game has been heading, many players felt more dread than excitement. Los Angeles doesn’t disappoint. The energy requirements are ridiculous and you will spend most of your time in Los Angeles waiting for buttons to work and pages to load.  Simply put, Los Angeles is the equivalent to 3 Offshore Turfs Secret Districts. There are 3 consumables required per district and none of them have a good drop rate. Regardless of the issues or dislikes, Los Angeles will be something most players will work on for a while. The jobs, requirements and payouts of Districts 1-3 on the Bronze level are shown below. If you complete all the jobs, you can’t master the level until you master the Asset for each level. For more details on that go here.

District 1: Bel Air Massacre
District 2: Santa Monica Chop Shop
District 3: Hollywood Uprising
The charts below condense the information above. Emerald+ VIP subscribers get 1% extra mastery. The check marks indicate where the consumables are made. The 3rd consumable is only needed for Asset Raids. The total numbers at the bottom are for all 4 levels. These charts do not factor in the consumables needed for Asset Raids as those are not the same for all players. You will need a total of 10 each for District 1, 12 each for District 2 and 15 each for District 3 PER raid.

District 1
District 2
District 3


  1. Asset Raid - if you farm 50 items, then AR, would you only lose 10 items initially?

    1. Yes, you only spend the 10 of each, the rest you keep.
      Don't forget you need to do the raid 3 times to get the chopper.

  2. thank you for all the info :D xx

  3. Just wanted to say thanks Zynga been playing from the beginning interest has been going down the tubes for the last year will mess around but dont really care and Im sure most people dont either want spend money on this crap have fun as for me Ill just sit back and laugh nice job explaining LL

  4. Energy requirements are either ridiculously high or ridiculously low, depending whether you choose to add to energy or not. If you want to keep your energy pool to a low amount, say, 10K (no matter what level you are... whethere you are level 10K or 100K), zynga is going to forgive and even reward you by giving you LA jobs at 400 energy/click. The message I'm taking from this city is, the more you add to energy, the worse off you will be in the long run because you are just wasting your skill points if zynga is going to just reduce your requirements.

  5. You are chasing a !red herring"
    Where you allocate your skill points that is up to you. (there will be a lot that disagree with me) however to play this game you need/use energy & stamina most, so that is what you should build up
    DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE ENERGY REQUIREMENTS they will look after themselves.
    THE LACK OF BK (money) IS THE PROBLEM. In my case as soon as some is collected it's gone - someone has nicked it SO bank ASAP.
    Anyone that doesn't bank has rocks for brains & has to do 3 times more jobs to get anywhere,
    The reason why the money goes is because more are fighting - if you are attacked & have a few BK waiting to go into the bank - that money is gone - THAT HURTS

    1. Sounds like you should be adding more to defense then if your money is getting immediately stolen. lol

      I think people should worry about where they allocate their skill points if Zynga is just going to give everyone the same number of clicks per job, no matter how much energy they have. The skill points could be better allocated to attack defense or stamina, rather than energy if a player is no better off with having more energy. I won't be adding any more to energy because of what they have done with this city. There is no point.

    2. how about this, I've never had any money stolen in LA,, yet my bank is full and I already bought 25 of each loot item in city store..

      The way is simple, don't go do jobs while you are alive, wait until you are dead.. then you dont get anything stolen ;-)

  6. Wouldnt it be an idea of adding in how many you need for the 3rd consumable also?
    Yes i know its only for the asset, but you need to fight it 3 times on bronze and thats 30 parts alone there, is it the same for all levels or what?
    Would be nice if it was included, thanks.

    1. There is a separate post on Assets linked in this post. It would be great to include that but each level is more difficult and requires more Asset raids to get to 0. On top of that, all accounts aren't the same so some will need to do less than others (depending on strength). So far bronze and silver require the same number of consumables per attack but we don't know if the gold and ruby levels will require more so it would be too soon to even guess at how many are needed. Each player will need to see what their account can do on the bronze level and estimate from there. I had to do 2 attacks per Asset on the bronze level, 3 for silver and I haven't gotten to gold yet.


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