Mar 24, 2015

Los Angeles Districts 1-3 Consumable Requirements


The required number of consumables needed for Districts 1-3 of Los Angeles are shown below. Initially I thought that the damage done by Asset Raids was determined by strength but it’s the same for all players. We all need to do 2, 3, 4, and 5 Raids for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels respectively. Therefore we all need the same number of consumables to master Districts 1-3. You can greatly reduce the number required for jobs by using the Strategist Crew Bonus, the Lockpick Crew Bonus, 2X Mastery Boosts (bronze-gold levels only) and asking for help on jobs (once every 24 hours). There is nothing that can be done to reduce the required number of consumables for Asset Raids. Without the use of bonuses, a total of 2,574 consumables are needed and this is quite extreme. Consumables cost 2 for 1 reward point so I guess Zynga hopes we will all spend 1,200 or so reward points for the pleasure of playing their free game. Farming consumables isn’t easy as the all the jobs that produce them require currency large amounts of energy. One thing that will help the drop rate is progression. The mastery item for District 1 is the Chase Master and the special ability that comes with it is an increase for required loot drops. The drop rate for consumables will increase by 5% with bronze mastery,10% with silver, 15% with gold and 20% with ruby. You may save energy by staying on the bronze level but you will waste more farming with a lower drop rate and ratio. The special ability applies to all districts in Los Angeles so progressing in District 1 should be priority over the other districts.  UPDATE: There was an error in the chart when it was initially posted. It has been fixed.

This item grants you a 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% increase for required loot drops

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Assets Assets Assets Assets
bronze silver golds ruby bronze silver golds rubyTotal
District 1728
Silence [0/0] 37 37 37 37 20 30 40 50288
Gren-Aid [0/0] 40 40 40 40 20 30 40 50300
Rocket Launch Kit [0/0] -- -- -- -- 20 30 40 50140
District 2 856
Multi-Cutter Saw [0/0] 40 40 40 40 24 36 48 60320
Oil Drum [0/0] 50 50 50 50 24 36 48 60368
Spanner-Manner [0/0] -- -- -- -- 24 36 48 60168
District 3 990
Rigged Tire [0/0] 45 45 45 45 30 45 60 75390
Blast Furnace [0/0]4545454530456075390
Barbed Noose [0/0]--------30456075210


  1. Wow, not so bad :)

  2. i just done 10 jobs on silver level on 1st district and got 1 loot drop so the chasemaster certainly isnt making a difference to me im honestly sick of loot drops in this game they are a joke hopefully the drops will get better as i progress but im not holding my breath x

  3. there is a little mistake in the number of consumables for the assets, it is the same for each consumable in one district but increases with the districts

  4. Great info, thanks again Jen!

  5. What I am telling you is what has happened to me.
    First I have collected Reward Points and begrudged using them,
    When collecting these goodies that are needed to complete the line, the ratio of whatever is unreal, in my case I have used a full lot of stamina (146k) & nothing has fallen (I was getting about 1in4 sometimes 1in6)
    This meant that I was doing a lot of repeat to get the drops and as you advance so the requirements for a click goes up
    In Bel Air Massacre silver -you need 4 raids at 4 hours a raid
    That is a hell of a lot of drops
    To buy all is 15 RP for a raid (that saves a lot of time + I have collected the RP for just such occasion)

    Don't do what I did [Santa Monica Chop Shop, = Silver], I completed the last of 3 raids but hadn't completed all the jobs so now I will have items over when the silver level is finished.

    If you have collected Reward Points for such a time that it would be an advantage to use them - this is that such a time - box cleaver and you will save a lot of time as here is a good place & time to use your Reward Points

    1. They do carry over the loot not used

  6. The drop rate is just plain BS, even if you go from Bronze to Ruby just to get the higher drop rate increase to 20%, the energy requirements go from about 10 clicks to 1 click per level for me & I have 142k energy. I don't see the logic in proceeding past Bronze level till you have everything you need, including the extras you want to have for future missions. Thanks for nothing Zynga, not going to spend RP on consumables when I made a self leveling account just so I could farm & fight 24/7. So I just figure it will take 1 month per level to farm the consumables. Don't care if I get to the next properties in LA anyway, going to complete each property before the next one. If I miss out on missions then (finger) Zynga, the loot for the mission will not be worth doing it any different. I can buy an equivalent loot item for far less than the cost of the consumables and have it help me far longer.

  7. I don't know how many consumables are used after bronze, but district 1 bronze uses 10 of each for the raids, not 12 for the one consumable

    1. There was a mistake in the chart, it's been fixed.

  8. easy to get consumable on a low star.. higher better job ratio then bronze star... and but u know theyll a special on collection sets to get

  9. how do I get to the sliver level???

    1. finish all jobs in brons + raid the chopper (3 times)

  10. I knew I would find something like this here. I needed it, so I came and searched. Thanks so much!

    Lynnie C

  11. Baird13121110987654321January 4, 2016 at 3:27 PM

    2x loot until you get the grand total on the 3rd item for the raid. That will save you on cash & energy. farm rest of consumables. thats most efficient.


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