Mar 10, 2015

Final Day for the Overlords


The 5th and final boss for the Overlords is a creeper. He goes by Devin and has a whole lot of health. If you used the Combo Breaker and conserved ammo items you should find he won’t be that hard to kill. The 3 ammo items that drop from jobs, fights and robs are use or lose so you might as well use them to take him down. The Base Hitters carry over to the next event so I wouldn’t use them unless it’s necessary. This event isn't that bad but only if you use scripts. There is no need to spend any reward points for any part of this. Sadly manual players are at a huge disadvantage because there isn't enough time in the day for all healing and waiting for page loads that this event requires.



  1. They use up too much stamina. I've decided to boycott the final one.

  2. Didn't bother doing the last 3, between glitches of playing, every time I went through half a combo the game had someone depleting all my health so I had to wait to heal up to 2 minutes at times, and the drop rates of some items equals a waste of my time to continue. Not worth it. I am not even going to bother doing the next one or the future ones.

  3. Just finished the last one. I saved my consumables and was able to kill him fast with consumables only.

  4. Yes, i found the last one very easy since i had lots of consumables left, all though, i used one stamina pool on the last one before i was like, hmm its the last day, im gonna use me 300 consumables that i have left on him and when i won i still had like 100 consumables left lol, so the last one was almost easier the first 4 ones, since i could just find the yellow combo and jsut keep going with the bossfighter script and the combo until it was done.


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