Mar 28, 2015

Fighting in Los Angeles


Fighting in Los Angeles is difficult if you want to acquire Bucks. The question most would ask is “how many Bucks can you get per attack?”. It’s almost impossible to answer this questions because there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. The amounts that appear per attack are all different and there may be other variables at play which determine the amount. It’s almost as if it’s random and capped. What the Player Updates and scripts say don’t match what you actually walk away with. Another issue compounding fighting is the fact that not many players leave their Bucks out of the bank. There are other issue in play such as a drastically reduced player base and a large number of players who are choosing to ignore Los Angeles. What we do know about the number of Bucks received per successful attack while both players are in Los Angeles is that it is much lower than in previous destinations. As most of us have seen, 99% of the time that you attack someone in Los Angeles, 0 Bucks are won.

If you are lucky enough to find someone with Bucks outside of the bank, very few come your way. The numbers don’t fit a pattern but appear to be between 2 and 24 Bucks (24 is not shown in this image but that is the highest amount I’ve seen).
There appears to be something wrong with the math. Jo Gilliam and I tested out a few accounts. The account below had over 2,000 Bucks outside of the bank and when I attacked, I got 24 Bucks and by the time this account was iced 38 Bucks was the net total. Power Attacks were paying out less than regular attacks. None of it makes sense.
According to the Player Updates, I received 91 Bucks.
And according to the Spockholm Player Updates (which are more accurate) I got 470 Bucks. What is accurate was the 38 Bucks shown on the fight window because that is what was added to my account. Perhaps this is a bug or part of some grand formula used by Zynga to determine how many Bucks we deserve. It wouldn’t hurt them to tell us how many Bucks we are supposed to get per attack. This post leaves us with more questions than answers.
One technique that still works but doesn’t generate what it has in the past is to farm currency with your mini and then attack your main. What amuses me about this is the number of Bucks. Once again none of it makes any sense. The account that attacked my main didn’t even have as many Bucks as it said I was getting. The Player Updates probably tells a more accurate version of the story.
Doing this 24 hours straight netted about 140,000 Bucks. I suppose if I want the Buck Up! Achievement which required that you have 1,000,000 in the bank, I could do this for 10 days straight.
Running a script on the fight list set to skip targets that aren’t dropping currency didn’t have a very good outcome. For almost 6 hours of fighting, only 2,000 Bucks were earned. After the 12% banking fee this got me 1,760 Bucks closer to 1 million. I think manual fighters are going to have a very hard time acquiring the Bucks they need just to do jobs in Los Angeles.
Regardless of how you fight, if you win 10,000 fights in Los Angeles you will get the Zap Out achievement. What Zynga doesn’t explain with fighting achievements is that Power Attacks and batched attacks count as 1 so you may win more than 10,000 fights but not all of them will count towards the achievement. You also get +2 skill points.


  1. I don't know if it was common to all, but the first day in LA I did get roughly 441 BK in my bank everytime when fighting someone who had money .... too bad it didn't last, but okay my city-store was visited enough to buy the necessary loot :-)

  2. that is a bummer. could this be the city that puts the final nail in the coffin?

  3. Why does this keep coming as a surprise to the script users? It was the same in SA and Mexico... let's face it... when 99.5% of all players fighting in LA uses scripts to auto-bank and when bank is full to auto-purchase henchman to save bucks that way... then how will you earn bucks from fighting? Where is the mystery in this? The only people script users can steal bucks from are the 0,5% manual players who can't bank it fast enough to avoid it getting stolen by a script, scanning the fight list to see who has bucks on hand... this is the way it is because it is the way the scripts made it... I just don't understand why everyone is still so mystified by the fact that bucks can't be earned from fighting... well, at least I hope this clears it up for some :) Mystery solved :P

    1. We got a lot more cash for attacks in the other destinations. I think this is the biggest factor. At this time I can't really tell why there are so many different variations. In the past it was always the same. The things you mentioned are part of it as well but in the past you could easily farm with a mini and get all the cash you needed. You can't do that now because it's not easy to farm Bucks due to the energy requirements and you don't get as much per attack so the unbanked cash gets stolen by other attackers faster than it can get into your own bank.

  4. The first day I got abt. 2k BK from fighting. Now it is hard but since I don't care of much more ices, I burnt 70k stamina today and at least I was able to buy items for 2 jobs to do. Sometimes 3 BK, most times 5 - 7 BK. The highest I saw was 30 BK. Maybe it depends on the damage you do?? BUT... without using a fight script and the right settings I doubt it is possible to fight for money until players have reached the bank capacity in far future ;)

  5. and even if you fought someone who had some BKs they are not accounted. happens each day (today- 20*6 BK , but nothing accounted; highest 13.500BK on day 1- > 0) and it wasn't because I was attacked on the same time. Bazyngaed!

    1. I had not this problem, all I got were banked.

  6. Owen Mw-only ParkerMarch 28, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    I'm glad it's not just me who can't find any sort of pattern here. I had the feeling I was only able to capture a capped amount of cash from any one player but had trouble proving it. I've been running f/l with demon set to skip any without LA cash. average is very minuscule. Averaging about $1200 for 45K stam but it's been plenty to keep me moving leisurely on the districts. Untimed stuff doesn't click my OCD for some reason :)

  7. When harvesting for buck, I find it better to just keep single-attack and bank fairly often to get the most out of it! Hopefully I let the opponent stay alive to heal so I can keep on harvesting. This may be a slow way but I don't need to keep leveling, and the payoff is above 1 buck/stamina!


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