Mar 30, 2015

Family Feud 2


The Family Feud is back for the 2nd time. This is a competitive fighting event that I believe replaced the Family Dominance event. The Family Dominance Event had too many components to it and the ‘contests’ were on 8 hour timers which made it difficult to track. The Family Feud event only involves fighting and the contest are on a 24 hour timer.  According to the instructions, the families in your league are supposed to be based on strength but we have much evidence that this is not the case (more on this later).  There are 90 families in each league and the top 30 will get a loot item. The top 3 families in each league will also get skill points. The loot rewards for each of the 7 days of this event can be found here.



  1. This is a joke for our family. We never come anywhere near the 30th place.

  2. The top family in mine has 20 times more ices than we do. And its the same as last time. The second and third have over 15 times more than we do. To even get onto the top 30 we need 4k in ices more than we have so far which is not easy for a smaller family of non icers. So its hard to see how this is considered similar strength.


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