Mar 17, 2015

Emerald Tier Fight Season Badge & Loot Icon


Loot items which appear to be for the 14th Slaughter Season have been added to the inventory. Ice Seasons and Slaughter Seasons have always had bronze, silver, gold, ruby and diamond tiers of mastery. The Flybuzz has an emerald tier. There was also a new badge image added to the servers. We will either see an updated Slaughter Season with more requirements or it’s possible that these items are for a new type of fighting event.



  1. A whole new tier... oh goody :D I was wondering when they were gonna add that... they couldn't possibly just keep adding to ices required on Diamond tier :P Much better to just add another tier... and Emerald is more than welcome - I like this idea... :)

  2. oh good, something else I can ignore

    Kathie E

    1. You are a miserable beggar.

    2. Dear Anonymous,
      Are you speaking to me? and if you are....What the heck do you mean
      Kathie E

  3. New would be better and not ridiculously hard like the last slaughter season. Like something fun for instance.

  4. The jump in stats between diamond and emerald is bigger than any of the other levels as well. Normally the jump is 10 - 15 per item that's a jump of 20 between diamond and emerald.

    The bigger stat jump might signify it's something extra for VIP members only. They have 2 different types of events dedicated to VIP members already this does seem like an obvious next step.


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