Mar 13, 2015

Destination Contest Winners Announced


About a month ago Zynga had a contest and asked us to guess the next destination [1]. 15 players who guess right were to win 15 reward points [1]. Today the winners were announced and only 7 won. Despite the fact that Zynga claims there was ‘overwhelming’ participation, there were only 662 comments a week after the contest closed [1]. A large percent of the comments weren’t even guesses, they were complaints about the game! If this is how Zynga sizes up their metrics than Mafia Wars will be around for a long time [1]. Zynga also tells us where the next destination will be, but followers of this blog already knew that as we announced it 3 days ago [1], [2]. Congratulations to the 7 winners who are shown below.


Few weeks back, we had asked you to guess the next destination which would be coming soon in Mafia Wars!

We got an overwhelming participation for this contest. Check it out here :
Listed below are the lucky winners who will receive 15 RP each. Congratulations to all the winners!

Maria KuÅūmova
Michael Del Pozzo
Ed Duprey
David Li
Erika Deadmansbaby Blanco
Greg Huber
Alexander Yurevich Vetchinov

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  1. This is zynga after all - the folk that brought you countless ice seasons that could not count ices correctly and had their support stafff deny any such a problem existed even in the face of screen captured video - the fact is they are deluded by their own bullshit
    All the hype of LA which previous districts did not get seems like vain cries from this game of please don't leave we have so much more cash to extract out of you before we shut the game - Its so bright n shiny we at zynga hope you buy into our smoke and mirrors and forget about the lagging, loading issues, being timed out in the middle of doing jobs, useless stuff in mystery bags etc


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