Mar 12, 2015

Daily/Weekly/Random Email Rewards: Broken


A few months ago the Daily Email Rewards vanished [1]. Shortly after we posted about the issue, they returned but they weren’t the same. Instead of getting a daily email they started coming once a week on Mondays. Mallory Knox got the down low from a Customer Support agent who insists the emails were changed to a random pattern instead of daily (see chat session below). Months have gone by and we are pretty sure they come every Monday like clockwork. A few days ago these email rewards stopped working. You still get the email once a week but when you click on it you get an error message instead of a reward.

CS Agent.*: That is good that you check the Fan Page daily, Mal. For the Email Rewards, yes while they are named as Daily Email Rewards, by the way they function as of the moment, they are randomly generated by our system, Mal. I get where you are coming from though and don't worry as I will send your regards to our team about this concern for review and consideration
Mal: hmmm you say randomly now to me that means no pattern
Mal: yes/no ?
CS Agent*: Yes that is correct, Mal.

Mal: so if there is no pattern why have the last ones only turned up on a Monday ....= pattern ....not random
CS Agent*: Due to its random generation, Mal, there is a possibility that the rewards may appear to be given, or may be given, on certain intervals. It is really good if the email rewards can be given out daily but for now, this is how the feature works. Good thing though as these free rewards do give advantage
Mal: they are called Daily rewards so should be daily ....
Mal: as they have always been
Mal: so what is next Daily fix ...
Mal: Daily builds ..
Mal: will 8 hour timers become 36 hour timers ?

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  1. sorry zynga youre not entitled to my money


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