Mar 29, 2015

Bucks in Blue Mystery Bags


When you open your Blue Mystery Bags, make sure you are in Los Angeles. It’s not much but you will get 100 Bucks from Blue Mystery Bags which contain this reward. Zynga forgot to pluralize the word Buck so you get ‘100 Buck!’ per lucky bag. Since Bucks are more valuable than any currency we have seen since Bangkok, it would be nice if Zynga offered more opportunities to get them. Bucks should have appeared in the Daily Take by now but there haven’t been any reports of them appearing.



  1. Not neccessarily once a day, have just received 2 blue bags in succession - both with 100 Bucks!

  2. Thanks, were you opening them fast or using a fast opening script? Sometimes if you click fast you can get more than one of the same mystery bag in a row. I removed that part of the post that said once a day until we know for sure :)

    1. Is probably the only part of the game where I never use scripts - just clicked on them one after the other!

  3. I too click manually on gifts and have gotten Bucks more than once per day. A couple times I've gotten them in a row, but I've also gotten them separately clicking in the morning and then later in the day. I always switch to LA before opening MB or even crew links and special stash ones as I've gotten cash if I'm already in someone's crew. 100 bucks isn't much each time, but better than nothing!


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