Mar 26, 2015

Art With Friends to Close on April 1, 2015


Another game is going to shut down before the April 30th deadline for Apps to switch to the new Facebook API. Players of this game aren’t even getting the option for a bonus in one of Zynga’s other games. They are simply encouraged to play and Mafia Wars isn’t one of the games recommended.



  1. This is an iOS game, and has nothing to do with Facebook. Curiously, its predecessor -- Drawsomething -- is still running. You'd think they'd mention that....

  2. this is an ios and android game with a international community ranging from doodlers to professional artists, many of whom have 100s to 1000s of pieces of art on the site and not enough time to get their own art copied.

    please see

    thank you for doing this post!

  3. They pulled the plug today.
    Still can draw. Save using screenshot.

    Check out the link below

    Register at

  4. If any potential buyer is up for the task, there are many fans and artist who were using this app platform and would love to see it up again! We would like to help in any possible way, advice, advertising and obviously downloading and promoting a new or improved app once action will be taken by someone in a position of power. We have a strong community, use it! Thank you!


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