Mar 5, 2015

Arena Smashup 7 Coming Soon


Loot items for the 7th Arena Smashup have been added to the inventory. Zynga seems to loves this event because we keep getting it. What’s sad is that only 3 out of every 30 players can benefit from it and those who don’t get anything are probably one step closer out the door. A closer look at the items is shown below.



  1. No power cards left for me, and since feeds are broken and scanners still dont work I cant get anymore so looks like ill have to pass on this. This game has become a shell of itself. its the same stuff recycled over and over, except now with added game play problems. I'm quitting VIP next month after I get the Harbinger of Supremacy and I see a lot of others following suit with that move as well. The Elite Black benefits are terrible, and who wants to dump money into a broken game on top of that?

  2. I am going to have to disagree with you with regards to this operation/game - for Zynga this is possibly 1 of their best games, with the players using a lot of Reward Points.
    While only 3 get the item added to their inventory, 10 get tokens, that is a third of the players,(what other game/operation does 1 in 3 get something every day?)
    To get any points that help you climb up the board you have to use Power ups - power ups are collected by using power cards - need I say more?
    Just think before this game we just collected power cards - they are now used - don't forget that in the heat of the game when power cards are low it is easy to use a few Reward Points to climb that player that is just above you. That is what Zynga wants, they are on a win win
    To be the top player of the day, that player used a lot of power ups etc.
    This game has reduced the number of power cards overall in most players inventory


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