Mar 16, 2015

Arena Rampage 3 & Irish GreenCollection


The 3rd Arena Rampage event is now available. The good news is that the requirements appear to be the same as the 2nd version which are far more reasonable than the first. To see the requirements for all levels, go here. The requirements are based on several known and unknown variables and aren’t the same for all accounts.  You get a collection item each time you perform a task and once all 7 tasks are complete you can vault the collection and repeat the process for the next mastery tier. If you master the ruby level you will get the chance to master the emerald level and the timer will be extended by 1 day. There isn’t a new FAQ but the old one can be found here.



  1. Can this be done with only 4% on each job?

  2. Question? in the silver stage, how do you get the "Score three first bloods" in the shoot out arena?

  3. You just need Demon to play for you, then it's NO problem :) Demon 100% auto play, oh yeah :D Manual players have NO chance - never had, never will. Zynga knows this and couldn't care LESS :D :D

  4. I hate this event. of course for reasons known only to Zynga, adding to my att/def has resulted in my going from almost always coming in first in the arena to coming in last every time. I hate their hidden formulas. I never know when I'm going to get zapped by them because they don't disclose when you've triggered a ratio change, energy job cost change,etc.

  5. It's easily do-able manually. I'm nearly finished the emerald tier with 5 days left, you just need to approach it carefully.

    For a start, if you're keep losing in an arena do a few without spending any stamina and come last place. After a few attempts you'll be switched back to "easy mode" (or at least "easier mode"). This is essential for the tasks that require you to place 3rd in Shootout and especially to gain MVP badges.

    When it comes to first bloods, again its easy. Start a shootout arena, choose what looks like the easiest target and as soon as it begins attack like mad. Once the first kill is made on the board (whether it looks like it was you or not) stop attacking and come in last place. You should have loads of stamina left to repeat and after a few attempts the first bloods will start racking up. Doing it this way also has the added benefit of keeping you in the "easy mode" as you keep losing - a necessity to get this finished unless you can serial level and spend all day doing it.

    +25 Skill Points

    Worth it as the rest of the game is a little dead at the moment. Plus the other 35 skill from the other tiers.


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