Mar 21, 2015

1 More Zynga Game to Close on April 30th


In addition to the 4 games posted earlier today [1] and CityVille a few week ago [1], Zynga is also closing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild on, you guessed it, April 30th. Many are wondering why Zynga is only offering gifts in CastleVille Legends and FarmVille 2 and not Mafia Wars. Some even fear that Mafia Wars will be one of the doomed games that won’t cross over to the new API. Hopefully this isn’t true. With the release of Los Angeles and 2 more benefit tiers announced for the VIP Membership Program, Zynga could at least provide some official reassurance that Mafia Wars will be intact on May 1st. They have responded to shut down rumors in the past and now would be a good time for them to do it again [1], [2]. Thanks to an anonymous comment for the information.



  1. When Zynga announced closure of Cafe World wef 22 July 14, it offered CW players gifts in 3 other games, including Farmville2, but not Mafia Wars, still they credited 120rps to my MW account.

  2. we need help @ another game slated for closure with an international community of users


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