Feb 5, 2015

Vivido Chispa Collection Added


A few days ago a image for a new collection was added to the servers [1]. The Vivido Chispa Collection is now in game on the Special Collections page but isn’t active. We will probably see the event tomorrow or possibly later today. It will be a Mexico Collection Event like the Mexican Beat and players will need to do jobs in Mexico to get collection items. Vivido Chispa translates to lively spark in English and now that we can see the collection items i t makes more sense as it’s a collection of 7 match books.



  1. Is spockholm updating the Savanahnator for this event ?

  2. I have been doing jobs in Mexico for two days. Not one drop yet. Any tips? I have done all districts many, many times..I have over 39k energy so I do alot

    1. Read the post and you will find the answer :) The collection was added to the game but it's not active yet. When the event starts, the items will drop.


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