Feb 18, 2015

VIP Limited Time Mission: Blazing Backfire


There is an old style of the Limited Time Mission feature available to VIP subscribers. It’s called Blazing Backfire. I’m just going to say what many are thinking… If having a VIP subscription means more Missions than I don’t really want it! I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a walkthrough since this event isn’t available to all players. If it’s really easy I will but I don’t want to spend too much time or reward points for something that isn’t going to help. The loot rewards and part 1 of the Mission are shown below.

Part 1: Hot Goods
Milestone Rewards
Mastery Rewards


  1. I always appreciate a walkthrough. I stuck on the 2nd part. I had already collected from properties this morning (not living in USA) before the mission appeared and since there was no walkthrough I had collected as well which means I am losing a full day. It is always nice to know in advance when it comes to declare a war or if to farm consumables for jobs.

  2. I too appreciate the trouble that you go to, however I understand your position. Thanks anyway


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