Feb 27, 2015

Urban Assault 6 Loot Items


The 6th Urban Assault Missions are one step closer to being here. The loot items were added to the inventory today. The ‘special’ and so called beneficial VIP Mission still has 5 days on the timer and you would think Zynga would wait. If they don’t than being a VIP subscriber means you are paying for things you don’t want. The loot items for this Mission Are shown below. The special ability of the mastery item made me laugh. by the time players master this thing, the Lucky Streak may be over and if it’s not, the benefit certainly won’t last a month.

Reward Stations 1-10 Items
Assignment Target Reward
Street-Wise Target Reward

Consumable (Begging Part)
There were also 3 common loot items added to the inventory so it’s possible they could be for loot drop trackers or for another event. They aren’t very useful so it probably doesn’t matter where they show up.

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  1. Wonderful... so on top of the insane and crappy VIP mission (which I'm sure Zynga only gave us to try and make us un-subscribe... why else would they force this upon us??) we also get another Urban Assault :D Aren't we just lucky... 2 missions running simultaneously... a two-pronged Secret District and a Slaughter Season... we will probably see this one tomorrow at reset when the Challenge Mission expires... all we need now is another worthless time limited property... just to spice it up :D

    And I agree... the bonus of the mastery reward... OMG!!! Zynga is running out of ideas, haha... that's what you get for rushing events... poor results and unhappy gamers... but luckily for us, Zynga doesn't care about either of those two :P


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