Feb 20, 2015

Unexpected Error Popup Removal Options


Two days ago a post was made about the constant unexpected error messages [1]. We are still getting a lot of questions about it. It happens on all browsers and is NOT a local issue. There is nothing you can do to fix it on your end. It appears to be a Facebook/Zynga connection issue or something like that. One of the questions we keep getting is what can you do about it. The easiest thing is to hit your escape key and it will magically go away. The other is to click on the X to close it out.  If you can’t see the X than you can hover over it and drag it out around. There is no need to reload the page. Just remove the intruding popup up message and go on about your business.

Option 1: Press the Escape Key
Option 2: Click the X 
Option 3: Drag the popup then close it out using option 2 


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, the cat did it. There's also an issue of Facebook connect with Mafia Wars, sending Free Gifts, get the error msg No Network Connection - Retry. What a load of horse hockey.

  2. Not sure if it happens in every city. I've only found it to happen in Mexico.

  3. Clicking X or Esc doesn't always work for me. Most of the time the error popup returns immediate the only way to play is reload :(

    I am becoming frustrated by how little Zynga seems to care about loading issues generally. We are supposed to be playing a game but all I do is work around or reload through their problems. Zynga have had months to do something about what once was the constant revolving bullets ..... things have now progressed to the point where revolving bullets are a relief, they at least stop, eventually. no reload necessary. The game is so screwed up!

    Surely we could do something as a group of players that have been loyal for years but have had enough?

    Perhaps the time has finally come to logout .... a sad day!

  4. For me it appeared instead of the "Farmville can't be displayed as you blocked the app" screen when I've iced someone or or or... Today I got the Farmville screen again- great!


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