Feb 28, 2015

The Next Mafia Wars Destination


Bonus District

Boss Fight & Combos


  1. Perfect! Got it covered.

  2. Lovely. Its about what I figured, space is the final frontier :)

  3. This must be the best post you have ever made! Hahaha

  4. That's about right. Especially after April 30th. Who in their right mind would spend money for the pleasure of seeing White Pages, Frowny Face Errors, and the Infamous Revolver of Death

  5. You raised my blood pressure for a second LOL

    Sadly, it's also the CURRENT destination called Mafia Wars that I seriously will not put up with for much longer. :-/

  6. OMG, I almost choked on my Sierra Mist from laughing. The game is quickly going to hell in a handbasket

    Kathie E

  7. Brilliant, sums it up perfectly

  8. LMAO! yep that's just about says it all....im about another few weeks from quitting!

  9. I got early entry cuz I'm VIP. Been working on it for months now. lmao!!

  10. So true :( One of the reason why i canceled my VIP membership months ago...
    But they don't listen to the players they do what ever they want like always, the game gets slower and slower... there is no more fun in this game... you have to be 24/7 online (or let scripts play for you) to finish all events
    i wouldn't play this game without scripts anymore ...
    I've recorded my request just for fun...
    after 800 Total Requests:
    359 Errors, 122 no response (481 Errors) 60% of all requests = FAILED!
    I wonder how long it takes till they close this game ....

  11. Maybe Mafia Wars will go back to how it was played at the start. You got items from earning them, not begging for parts to get them. Wars use to be won or lost with one click, not expect half a dozen people to help you win or lose. You gained your stats on your own merits.

  12. For the first time in MANY YEARS, I fought off the urge to play MW yesterday. I have played MW everyday since New York had a new area...........way before Cuba, and It makes me angry to know that I am a weak minded soul to have put up with the Rich Boy zuc_kerman and agnyZ this long. Jennifer, your work has benefited my play time for sometime.....You are one of my WebHeros......You have used the internet to benefit others. Yes, it is a game, but who doesn't play??? No one I know...even the ones who act like they don't need playtime, or a recess from reality. If only Google had came up with a game like this.....Can you imagine......UTube incorparated Mafia Wars, and not some NonFunctional FauxBook interface? Jennifer, old webloafer loves you, THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE. One last thought, IT USED TO BE that I could in an hour find satisfaction in playing the game........I drove 18 wheeler for 11 hours a day, and relaxed with a game, and it helped relief the stress of the road. NOW THE GAME ITSELF STRESSES ME OUT, Way Out......I'm out.....Jen....lots of us love you, and cringe when you are dissed......


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