Feb 26, 2015

Slime Slaughter Marketplace Promotion


The Slime Slaughter Marketplace Promotion is now available. There are 2 different home page banners because VIP subscribers get an additional mastery item if they make enough qualifying purchases. If you want to know more about the Frenzy Meter and how it works, the FAQ for this type of promotion can be found here. The loot items associated with this sale can be found here.


1 comment:

  1. We should be able to look up the word stupid in the dictionary and see Zynga as the definition for it.

    Before the VIP membership they used to have that loyalty program thing. People spent 10's of thousands a month t maintain a diamond membership on that thing. Not once did they ever thing hey let's keep all those spenders happy by updating it. In fact the ONLY update that thing ever saw apart from the removal of energy (downgrade more than anything) was the closing down loot items for it.

    Now for a tiny little fraction of the cost at $25 a month they are really having to work to keep people spending on it now as they never used to bother about player satisfaction for the spenders at all back then.

    Monthly loot refreshes and weekly limited edition loot. Flash deals. An extra loot items created on marketplace sales like this. First it was just VIP specific bounty events and now a VIP specific mission. Last year they had limited time fight loot then another one specifically for VIP members and even more VIP loot to bribe people when they say still be signed up on such and such a date.

    Because they didn't want to do any work at all to maintain the loyalty program when people spent thousands on it a month now they have to make all this stuff MONTHLY not including the weekly limited time VIP loot delivered on a Monday of course to keep people spending just $25 so the games still making some money.

    F**king idiots.


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