Feb 12, 2015

Random VIP & Marketplace Items


Rounding out the inventory update for today are two random items, one is labeled VIP and the other Marketplace. I’m not really sure what either is for. The VIP item is most likely a bribery item to stay subscribed or join. The Marketplace item could be for a Crate Carnival but those usually happen with every other release of new Crates and we just had one with Tropical Crates. The stats don’t match either. For reasons unknown Zynga also changed the stats of 1 Limited Edition item and 2 VIP weekley items. All three are +1 better than they were before and 2 had stat flips. I don’t know why developer time would be wasted on this, it’s not like anyone pays attention to loot these days. Zynga should be figuring out why we have so many loading and news feed issues as it's making the game unbearable to play.


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