Feb 27, 2015

Offshore Turfs (v2) Secret District Walkthrough


This walkthrough for the Offshores Secret District is going to be very abbreviated. With all the time limits and consumables required I won’t be able to post a more detailed one. The loading issues make it unbearable so I will only provide the consumable requirements and the bronze job images. Zynga asked us to take a survey regarding the 1st Offshore Turf Secret District and it’s quite obvious they didn’t listen to the feedback as there aren’t any changes [1]. I doubt there is a subset of players who enjoy ridiculous high energy jobs with a mandatory, recurring, re-healing and timed boss fight mixed in. Since nothing has changed, the 1st walkthough should be good enough and can be found here.  There are 2 districts in Offshore Turfs. One is pretty easy (minus the ridiculous energy costs) and straight forward and the other is extremely difficult and very irritating. The 1st is Janitzio and the 2nd Caymen Islands. Janitzio is set up like a normal Secret District in that there are 9 jobs and 2 of them require consumables. Caymen Islands unlocks after bronze mastery of Janitzio and can be unlocked for 200 Pesos. Once unlocked it is only available for 30 minutes. After about 10 or so jobs, the Boss Fight appears and you need defeat the boss in order to get back to the jobs. Sadly this may be the beginning of the end for my blogging days. If I can't event provide a complete walkthrough due to the game issues than what's the point? Not many read the last one I did because players are choosing to skip events and are quitting. This is a fine example of why! And REALLY? was it necessary to throw in a Family Ice event on top of this?

The 2 consumables needed for this Secret District.  Innocent Displays are needed for Janitzio. They can be farmed by doing the 1st job and are giftable. They are required for jobs 7 and 9. Near Ears are needed for Caymen Islands and can only be made by doing jobs 3 and 9 of Janitzio. Since job 9 of Janitzio requires Innocent Displays, it’s best to farm them from job 3 on the bronze level.

Cayman Islands
The number needed of each is shown below.

Job Mastery Clicks Innocent Display [0/0]Per Job Innocent Display [0/0]Per Level Near Ear [0/0]Per Job Near Ear [0/0]Per Level
1 9% 12
2 6% 17
3 5% 20
4 5% 20
5 6% 17
6 5% 20
7 6% 17 1 17
8 5% 20
9 4% 25 1 25
Cayman Islands
1 6% 2 34
2 7% 2 30
3 5% 3 60
4 6% 3 51
5 4% 4 100
District Totals 168 1,100
The jobs on the bronze level for both districts are shown below.

Cayman Islands
Once you unlock the Cayman Islands, you get 30 minutes to work on it. Once it expires you need to wait 4 hours. While trying to jobs in the Cayman Islands, a very annoying boss will appear. You must defeat the boss to get back to the jobs. Once you get there, the boss will appear again. It’s an endless cycle and you will need to navigate it properly in order to finish.
You do get a warning before the boss appears and you can hold off the boss for 10 jobs using 5 reward points (not worth it!). If you don’t pay, the jobs are interrupted and you need to deal with the boss fight right then and there.
The health of this boss is the same as the last one. bronze is 10,000, silver is 15,000, gold is 25,000 and ruby is 40,000. The health will vary between accounts but it’s high enough that 30 minutes may not be enough.
The Yellow and Red combos appear once the health is down to 25% and 50% respectively. They aren’t the same for all accounts and each level has new ones so copying the ones shown here won’t work unless you are really lucky.
Once the 30 minute timer expires you are locked out of the Cayman Islands and all progress on the boss fight resets. You can pay 10 reward points to go back but I wouldn’t recommend it.
The rewards are a bunch of mastery items and you get skill points for mastering each job on each level. The good news is you do get to keep all items from the boss fights (all levels of all fights) and there isn’t a limit on how many you can get unless Zynga changed something. For more details on the loot that drops from jobs and all levels of the mastery items, go here.


  1. It's sad they have us doing so much at once.
    We won't get bored and would enjoy them game even more

    1. have stated that to them in live chat..
      their answer.. you have a choice, you dont have to do everything..
      What morons..

  2. Jen, they give us 12 days to complete two distiricts..it can easily be done if you save your double mastery for the Cayman Islands and use your double loot for Jacintio.. Also,make sure you have enough consumables beofre you head into Cayman to do one of two jobs. Why everyone has to be in some great race to finish early is bryond me.

    1. Thanks, yes I understand that but a walkthrough on the last day is pointless. It's just sad with the resources and reward points my mini has that I couldn't even pass the silver level because of the loading frustrations. I just don't want to bother with this one at all. I'll probably do what most others do, wait for demon to update and click on the box that will do it for me. Another reason why the walkthroughs aren't so popular anymore.

  3. is it too late to ask for the job exp ratios of Janitzio for Silver? would love to know if farming there would give a better exp ratio, thank you in advance :D

    1. I'm not doing anymore on this. The ratios are better on silver but the energy costs are more. If you can't serial level on bronze than I would move up a level. If you can than stay on bronze as you will farm items faster. Sorry but the loading issues and trying to get screen shot was just too much to deal with.

  4. The best times are when all these really stupid events expire. That way we don't have to feel pressure for the events we never will bother to do :) I personally think the the current ice event and job board are totally pointless annoyances.

  5. Didn't like the first one of these and gave up in bronze... won't even bother starting this one...I will stick to urban assault

  6. i noticed you posted that you need to wait 8 hours to re-enter but the in game says 4 hour wait, thanks for doing the walkthroughs i find them very handy in doing these things

  7. Gosh, did anyone managed the ruby boss kill in Cayman Islands? Until gold boss appeared after 10-15 job latest- in ruby not after even in 20-25!? And I can do only 3 jobs with my full energy (45k)- so at least 8 levels? Within 15min-first half of the 30min timer? If I use the stamina in area (needed in other mission) 16 min for this. Due to game play with only 10 stamina button= over 650 clicks to kill the boss. If I consider 2 click/sec (loading issues= speed of gold level) this means 22min. So error in my maths or Zynga is not willing to give us this reward!???? :'( :'( BAZYNGA!!!! I wouldn't have a problem if it's a challange to get. Within the last Offshore Tuff it was (too?) easy to master boss several times. But WHAT would have been wrong with boss appearance within regular time? Or a timer of 1hour? THIS IS JUST: NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Question of the day: Zynga: why are you loosing gamers? Still not aware of? How stupid can you be?

  8. Try to stay in Gold level of CAyman Island for Boss award- Ruby is just not feasable- if you're not willing to skip the other running events! Double energy requiered, double jobs to be done to make him appear, double health, but same time. So you should send the Offshore Tuff consumable instead of new location crew to use camobos. Energy is needed for Urban Assault. :-(


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