Feb 24, 2015

NAS Family Mock War Prize Grant


The NAS Family Mock War participation prize is now being granted. If you missed the popup, check your inventory for the Hlin Helmet . This one took longer than normal to be granted and I’ve had a few reports of players not getting one. I didn’t get one either but it’s possible they are still in the process of passing them out. Thanks to Rebecca Marie Sevilla for the screen shot and posting on our fan page.



  1. Hope u all have get the Event Helmet :-) And thx a lot u who was in with us.
    Rune GF of NAS, UF&F

  2. Three weeks waiting time to get the loot... and then only half of the participants get one? Very poorly managed event :( I didn't get one either... and probably won't... don't know who dropped the ball on this one... but just seems odd that loots are flowing in from the other anniversary events in a matter of hours or a few days... maybe Zynga just decided to not bother with this one? As an exception perhaps?

  3. Hlin Helmet (misspelled in article). I tried search inventory using copy paste from article. Otherwise i would not have spotted it.

  4. All the members of our family were part of the event, but only a part of them received the loot ! :-(


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