Feb 19, 2015

Mexico City Store Bug


For reasons unknown, the Guitarron Player in the Meico City Store doesn’t have the stats displayed, the cost, the number you own or the options to buy or sell. This shouldn’t be a big deal as there is a simple workaround. If you want to know more information or need to buy or sell Guitarron Players, click on the image from the City Store and read, buy or sell from the inventory popup window. Since the workaround is so easy, we would appreciate it Zynga spend the developer time on looking into the more important issues and let this one be. Thanks to Tonette Hermsmeyer for posting on our fan page and to Edward Larson for the workaround and image.


1 comment:

  1. There has always been a problem - not knowing how many Guitarron Players.
    I take it that everyone like me bought when told to.
    As there has never been a reason that required you to know the number in your inventory I take it that it has never worried other players.


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