Feb 17, 2015

Guess the Next Destination & Win 15 Reward Points


Over 2 months ago Zynga asked that we take a survey regarding a the next destination [1]. Now they have announced that the said destination is coming soon and are having a contest [1]. What is telling is that you need to guess where the next destination is going to be and the winners are chosen from the pool who answered correctly. The winners will be announced in early March so by then we should know. I’m kind of over new destinations as we always hope they will be different but then they are always like Brazil. Before launching this click fest waiting to happen, they really need to fix the loading issues. The official rules and other links needed to participate are below.

Mobsters,A brand new destination is coming soon in Mafia Wars!Where could it be? It’s time to put your thinking caps on. Make your best guess and leave your answers in the comments below.Ten random lucky winners with the right answer will have a chance to win 15 RP each.This contest closes on Feb 25, 2015. Winners will be announced a week after.


  1. Maybe if we all we to post
    Please fix the loading issues and glitches before we have a new district
    zynga might listen.

  2. Please remove auto players, "We real players" are sick of the cheaters taking everything

    1. You don't have your personal click monkey? They're on sale in the blackmarket place. They don't eat much and are easy to house train. All they do is sit at your computer and click constantly. Most importantly you get the satisfaction of keeping one off the streets!

  3. How many people have accounts that's in good standing?

  4. Honolulu. PS: Fix loading problems and glitches :P

  5. Simple
    Sicily birth place of the mafia

    and yes i know we had Italy xx

  6. Call it Zynga Hell...Since nothing works right half the time anyways,,,

  7. I say Sicily... This is where the family came from back in the day.

  8. People complain about everything, and the ones that don't pay anything, even for RP's, are the one who complain the most...It's a GAME, it's OK not to buy anything, but the ones that do why complain about them, it too is part of the game.... I don't really like the Arena, but again it's part of it, I HATE Family Business and I just let it be....also the ones who complain and sign Anonymous..Really???? People even complain about Jen, the one person who does More for us players them ANYONE, and that includes Mr Z too....

  9. >Islamic State of Iraq and Syria< or that area and will be abel to use kamikaz not only in arenas but in fights and on family pages while visiting just to give it a realistic view of reality O_O


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