Feb 5, 2015

Finances Update: Las Vegas Currency Removed


Las Vegas was official shutdown on August 1, 2013 [1]. Although the destination was entirely removed from the game, the currency lingered on the Finances section of the Profile page for all this time. After a year and a half, it has finally been removed! Now Zynga needs to remove the Las Vegas Tournament Collections so people will stop asking how to get them. They removed the collection items and the vaulting reward is useless so why not just get rid of them?  Thanks to Rebecca Marie Sevilla for posting on our fan page.



  1. safe to say las vegas will never return, as cuba did once and should again

  2. I don't see why they needed to shut anything down in the first place. On there forums years ago they listed 2 reasons.

    Firstly new player retention. I call bull on that one though. If they really didn't want to over load new players with a bunch of crap like they said they wouldn't be doing all these limited time events all the bloody time.

    Secondly the servers. It's a text based game not anything like WoW the servers wouldn't be impacted by having more destinations open in any way shape or form. Each page has a URL link but people can click as fast as the server click caps there for they can add destinations or anything else until there blue in the face people can still only click that fast no extra stress on the server from clicks. Not like there is a map to load like WoW or something else along them lines that would take loading and so on. Something like that yeah you can understand removing some stuff to spare server lag.

    Neither would there be any extra server stress from the fight lists. Sure there might be more fight lists to refresh on the back end but with people spreading out across more destination it would take longer to take out all the targets on a given list meaning slower refreshes ... no extra server stress at all.

    I get they had glitches in them but they should have just fixed them. That's what they get paid for. There time would have been much better spent fixing there mistakes rather than just closing them all down so they can work on ... Yuk even more events.

  3. they need place for the "new destination". Btw, what you want for the next destination, like what city or country?

  4. WoW is the way games should be.....period....none of this interface with facebuck. Muckerzan has more than enough billions to last a lifetime, if he never screws another person out of more cash.

  5. I was half expecting Z to revive the old cities with more districts. The new cities have way more districts than the older ones, they could add more to the old ones and extend the game without having to develop new cities as often. Shame they pulled all of them. I would not have minded seeing Russia come back or Bangkok come back with amazing new stuff.


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