Feb 24, 2015

Crafter’s Choice Display Error


Zynga is confusing the players because the Crafter’s Choice items (stats and skills) on the banner don’t match the items in the instructions and the build page. It’s pretty safe to say the items on the instruction and build pages are correct because they match what’s in the inventory. Zynga just needs to update the banner to match. This happened with the 13th Crafter’s Choice event in November of 2013 and the banner was eventually updated  [1], [2].



  1. I have no ask button or info of parts owned or build/upgrade for Astro attack.
    Thank you

  2. When I click the build/upgrade button, I only see the top inch of the popup. I am unable to build or upgrade. At least I can still ask for items, and hope that eventually I will get the popup back. I will try a different computer when I go to work, and see if it is just my laptop.


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