Feb 11, 2015

Classified Boss Files #1: Richie Carone


Prior to the 1st Family Boss Fight: Payback, Zynga ran some teasers about the upcoming lineup of Family Bosses [1]. Back in October and November, they sort of did the same thing with the District 1-9 Bosses [1]. Now we see Classified Boss Files for the latest round of Family Bosses on their blog [1].  It seems that no matter how many Boss Fights they throw at us, they all are pretty much the same, they’ve been overplayed and are just boring. Thankfully the Boss Fighter II Spocklet lets us click it and forget about it! I’m sure there will be 4 more of these to come. Gerald Lokstadt posted a video on our fan page that says it all…"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss."
Classified files of the Mafia bosses have been leaked. Get to know Richie Carone better!

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  1. Thanks, Gerald for the video. It was funny watching the contrast between the cool and collected bass guitar player and the spastic other guitar player. I'm actually old enough to have seen them in concert back in the day.


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