Feb 15, 2015

Cartel Clash Bribes


There is a new addition to the Cartel Clash instructions. At some point (usually after completing the ice goals), players will get a popup offering to join the other side. If they do than the rewards will include skill points. It appears that the bribes are offered to players on the winning side. If you accept, you can change sides for free. By switching sides, the gold loot item will come with +1 defense and if you can earn the required number of ices (varies based on your account) you will get +4 defense in addition to the +3 reward points you would normally get. The bribe will be available for 4 hours and you can access it via the link which has the alert icon next to it on the home page. According to the instructions, the bribes will end once you accept so you can only change one time. This may explain why they reduced the loyalty reward to +5 skill points [1]. Thanks to Jo for testing a bribe on a mini.
  • BRIBES:On special occasions, the opposing Cartel Don might bribe you to join them for better rewards. These bribes will only be limited to the day you accept the offer.
  • The offer will be active for 4 hours and can be accessed from the Homepage by clicking on 'Join Anarchy Brigands.'


  1. I got the offer and seeing it was 5 skill points plus 3 RPs, I took it. We'll see if I can go back to blue tomorrow and get another switch offer. I was not shown a charge of 10 RPs for the change, which was the cost before the offer, but I forgot to look at my RP balance before and after so might have been occult charged, which would negate the benefit

  2. The offer will only come once. If you are on the winning side your rewards are doubled so you would get the extra 3 reward points anyway. If you stay loyal to your side for the whole event you get 5 skill points to add anywhere you want. If you take the bribe you won't get that but you will get 5 defense points.

  3. Are the ices truly variable? Everyone I know has the same 500 for the top amount and we are all very different.


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