Feb 5, 2015

Cartel Clash 3: Pick The Girl


Zynga was nice to give us a heads up for the upcoming Cartel Clash Event [1]. It’s a chance to get the word out as to which team to pick. Even with this warning the community can’t seem to make up it’s mind. I suggested the blue team but I see a lot of people saying pick red. We could change and go with red but maybe Zynga will change the colors. If the event comes out when the Family Ice Event is still going on than it would be wise to pick the girl as that is who the VGTTT Family is going with. I think the casual players will also pick blue as Mimi Lanoir is a more recognizable character. We got it wrong last time so you could also go opposite of what we suggest in hopes that we are wrong again. Based on the results of the last 2 events, it’s obvious that there is some padding of ices by Zynga for the team they decide so in the end it really doesn’t matter.




  1. far better to ask the top 10 ice families from spocks list what they choose

  2. Rioting Renegades Players vs. ZYNGA , ZYNGA wins ;)


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