Feb 20, 2015

Cartel Clash 3: Final Results


The 3rd Cartel Clash is now over and the Blue Team won all 5 days by a landslide. Zynga tried to bribe players to switch sides but it wasn’t enough to combat the unity of the Blue Team. Players who joined the Blue Team and stayed loyal received +5 skill points, a Metal Finish, 1 Kamikaze and 1 Arena Stamina Refill. The graph for day 5 and a comparison of all 5 days is shown below. Thanks to Team Spockholm for charting the entire event.  Thanks to Kent Nielsen for creating the Coalition group for this and future events. In the end it doesn’t matter what team is chosen, what matters is that the community comes together and picks the same team.

Like the 1st 2 events of this type, the Red Team shows a non-linear patter on all 5 days. I’m not sure what this is about but many believe that Zynga adds ices to this side in a non-linear fashion. The difference between this time and the last 2 times is it wasn’t enough to pull ahead of the Blue Team.



  1. I can see Zynga randomizing which group everyone belongs to next time, to screw up this coalition.

    1. Even if they do, if we can still pay rps to change sides. zynga can still be beaten.


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