Feb 16, 2015

Cartel Clash 3: Day 1 Results


The day 1 victory of the Cartel Clash goes to the Rioting Renegades (Team Blue). This was a landslide and the blue team killed it with over 11 million ices more than the red team. If the red team is anywhere near the blue team today, it will be certain evidence that Zynga is trying to manipulate the results. They tried to bribe the members of the blue team but the rewards were by far not worth it. The rewards for both sides are shown below.

Blue Team Rewards
Red Team Rewards (Bribe Accepted)


  1. Replies
    1. Not anymore they're not ... Will be another landslide blue victory if things keep up as they are now

  2. I wonder how many took the bribe. Any chance of a poll on here or the fan page?

  3. now zynga knows we are working together they try to find another way to earn money ...

  4. Looks as they are only manipulating the scores early in the day this time around, red was up for the first hour.

  5. I cannot calculate whether to make the switch now, or stick with the losing RED. Which would be better??

    1. If it is going to cost you 10 RP to switch, then you will get 6 RP if you win (& that is only if your switch is a winner). If you stay where you are,& loose you will be 13 RP better off (the 10 RP you didn't spend + 3 RP you didn't win).
      I am quite pleased that I'm not in your family - (in my book) loyalty is important.

  6. The reason why Zynga is wanting more of a fight is because you (Loot Lady) suggested we back Blue.
    Loot Lady might not be able to influence changes eminently, however you do make Zynga sit up and pay attention - good on you!
    Only fools ignore your comments, and the greedy fools take a punt on switching - serves them bloody well right


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