Feb 6, 2015

Balkan Family Mock War


As announced on the Mafia Wars Blog, the Balkan Family is having a Mock War on February 14th [1]. The participation item is the Wet Kill. Use the links below to register. The deadline to register is February 10th.



  1. I know MW Lists knows the difference between boys and girls, but when in the hell is Zynga going to realize that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina?

  2. Jen, can you please explain how these Mock Wars work? Or is there a link explaining it somewhere? Thanks!

  3. simple and easy come to BM event page with your family or single player and ask to join and have fun
    for the BM birthday event its easy boys play on the boys side , girls on girls side ;)

    in other mock wars it goes like this : you or your family will be played into team / side / group for that you have to fight

    1. So is there a special/separate fight screen or ? I've been playing for 5 years now, but have no idea how these work (my Family isn't as active as I'd like, sadly), but wouldn't mind trying it myself...

    2. There are 2 buckets.. so you need Demon or a similar script.... not sure how they measure whether the boys win or girls win, perhaps posting under picture on the Birthday bash page. Most posts win... Maybe


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