Nov 3, 2014

Time Change Glitches


Reports of something rare in Mafia Wars were found all over our fan page last night as the most exciting thing to happen in a very long time went down. Due to the time change there were a few glitches involving the Challenge Mission and the Halloween Horror Collection Event. For a short time players could collected unlimited consumables and those who didn’t sleep through it had a blast. If you missed out on it like I did it’s business as usual but those who were lucky enough to be online and reap the rewards should be congratulated and not hated! Thanks to Martin from Team Spockholm for the cool video link that captures the excitement that few have experienced in years. Thanks to all who reported the glitch on our fan page and as you can see from the screen shot below some of you went a little overboard!



  1. I wondered what those folks were talking about LOL I slept thru it too

    Love the video!!!

    Kathie E

  2. i am not hating players its their luck but zynga i fking hate you but i love this game

  3. I was awake and STILL missed it :'( Congrats to those who got it!!!

  4. they rolled it back :(

  5. They were all taken away... roll-back INCLUDING the parts collected fairly during the day doing tasks... so... not much fun :P

  6. Maybe they could do something like this for Christmas and let us have a little fun before this game dies. I'm betting this game is done in 2015, if not before.


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