Nov 4, 2014

Challenge Mission Brazil (version 2): Chapter 3


Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission: Brazil (version 2) is now unlocked. In order to start working on it you must fully master Chapter 2. The Daily Collect has increased from 25 to 30 items and 2 more Crew positions are available. The details for this chapter are shown below.

The energy costs shown below may not be the same as yours because it’s on a gradient based on level. To spend the least amount of energy and consumables while getting the best ratio stay on the Green Job Heat Meter. The mastery percentage of job 1 is 6%. They were  6%, 7%, 6% and 5% for the last Challenge Mission and will most likely be the same unless Zynga decides to nerf it some more. cm6
The mastery reward is Hubbs Beaked Whale and +4 skill points if you fully master all 4 jobs.

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