Oct 18, 2014

Urban Assault 2: All Rewards


While the urban Assault Missions require a lot of work and are a pain in the ass, they do offer great rewards. If you complete all 50 Missions you will end up with 33 loot items, 1 with a special ability, +23 reward points, +61 skill points and 15 Arena Power Ups. A review of these rewards and how to get them is shown below. For a list of all the Mission tasks, the current Urban Assault Mission walkthrough can be found here.

The host of the Urban Assault Missions is Captain Donald Harper who is a crooked cop and was the boss of Manhattan District 4: Upper West Side. When you start the Missions he will give you the goal for the target. This one is called the Assignment Target. In order to complete the Assignment Target you must gun down Rita Lange who is the Assistant District Attorney.
If Rita Lange looks familiar you might recall that she was the Grand Prize loot item for the Web Of Lies Limited Time Mission back in May of 2012 [1]. Apparently between then and now she had a career change and went from a Defense Attorney to the Assistant District Attorney. She also got some glasses. 
Once you reach her and gun her down you will get a Blonde Penguin and the next target goal will unlock.
According to the game, the Street-Wise Target requires that you ‘Complete at least one task at all the Stations’. This is a little confusing because of the terminology that has been used for Missions in the past. Tasks are usually referred to as the actions contained within the objectives but in Urban Assault Missions the term ‘task’ is the whole kit and kaboodle for Mission Stations and 1 Bullet for Reward Stations.
Your map will look something like this when it’s time. All 20 Mission Stations must be 100% complete and at least 1 Bullet must be shown on each of the 10 Reward Stations. In addition to completing the 1st Reward Station tasks you must also collect them to get the Street-Wise Target rewards.
There isn’t a gun or anything special for this goal. As soon as you collect the first of all 10 Reward Stations you will get your reward.ur7ur16
The last target goal is the Reputation Target. This one requires that you complete all 20 Mission Stations, which you have already done if you got the 2nd Target Reward, and get 3 Bullets on all 10 Reward Stations. You must also collect them.
Your map will show 3 bullets on each Reward Station. You will have to go through and collect them all to get the Reputation Target reward.
Again there is nothing extra that you need to do and the reward will just appear once you collect the last bullet of the last Reward Station.
The Alphorn Blower comes with a special ability and once you get it there will be no laundering fees when banking in Mexico. The Banco Dorado will display a message under the deposit buttons that says ‘No laundering fee will be taken out of all incoming funds.’. Since the Banco Dorado has a capacity of 1,000,000 Pesos this ability won’t be of much use to those who are maximum capacity.
In this case you can’t even make a deposit!
To test this ability, I had to remove funds and the re-deposit them and you can see it does work. Although this may be useless for players with plenty of Pesos this special ability is better than the Go Go Dancer because it’s clearly defined and you can see it working. Due to bugs most likely involving involving the Very Pesos-Tant achievement many players were not getting their 500 Pesos inside the bank and it was getting stolen. There were also many reports of players not getting it at all.
bankfees4bankfees5Along the way you also get 1 loot item per Reward Station Bullet. There are 10 Reward Stations with 3 Bullets each so you will earn 30 additional pieces of loot while getting these target goals completed.
If you don’t scroll to the bottom of the Rewards page you may miss the fine print on the last listed rewards. In addition to the loot, skill points and reward points you also get 15 Arena Power Ups. What confuses many players is the Stamina Refill image when they collect rewards. As you can see it clearly says 1 Stamina Refill and nowhere in the rewards collection process does it say Arena Stamina Refill.
These are 2 different animals and Zynga needs to make that more clear. Many will go to Customer Support when they see they didn’t get a Stamina Refill as promised. If your stamina is below your max stamina pool Stamina Refills can be purchased in the Marketplace for 10 reward points each. Once purchased your stamina is automatically refilled to 100% regardless of how much you had left. You can’t store them and they are used immediately upon purchase. The Arena Stamina Refill can only be purchased on the Arena Power Up page for 8 reward points each and can only be used if you are in an active Arena. Many players manipulate the system by entering an Arena, activating an Arena Stamina Refill which also refills stamina to 100% and if you don’t attack anybody you can take it back to the game (assuming you didn’t level up).  At one point in time you could craft Arena Stamina Refills for 16 Power Cards each. Zynga should change the ‘1 Stamina Refill’ description on the collection pages to ‘1 Arena Stamina Refill’ so players don’t get confused.


  1. when in the arena should you be temped to use the kamikaze - don't bother as it makes no difference. I found out more by accident rather than by choice.

  2. Again this thing is a scam.... doing this job, LOOT 30 HOLSTER HUNTER FROM JOB:"MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR DECISION TO GET REVENGE"...... over 50 times for 8 items, just like the last one.Seems like they change these ratios for the worst expecting us to spend in order to complete it, which isn't going to happen...... I was hoping when this came out again they'd have fixed the issues that Plagued the last one, wishful thinking I guess


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