Oct 27, 2014

The Alphorn Blower Blunder


UPDATE: This is now fixed.

The Urban Assault Missions have expired and Zynga made a mistake. As outlined in their own FAQ, the special ability of the Go Go Dancer was supposed to expire today and it has. The mastery item for the latest round of these Missions is the Alphorn Blower and this special ability was also taken away. In the post about the Urban Assault rewards you can see that it was working just fine [1]. Today the bank fees have returned and many are wondering why they worked so hard! The special ability is supposed to last until the next round of Urban Assault Missions expire. It’s obvious there was a mistake and it probably has to do with the removal of the Go Go Dancers special ability. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks to Mike Anders for posting on our fan page.


1 comment:

  1. hell with this event!!! I am always getting down to last last spot to be reject!!! Why you ask?? Cause I do not have every lvl open in MW...... Sooooooo this events is only targeted for the players who play everyday!! I really dont care about fair play! but I do care being able to join in on the fun of different events.... I like to finish what I start!!


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