Oct 30, 2014

Power Job


The following image was posted on our fan page by Doug Kokis. It doesn’t appear that many players have this option so it’s probably on a slow rollout or Zynga is doing of of their experiments. There isn’t much to go on but if you have ruby mastered District 10 of South Africa you will have the option to do 10 jobs in 1 click. This will make things faster but it won’t really help much if you are using your stamina for other things besides jobs. A Power Fight or Power Rob option would be awesome as the Power Attack and Rob Squad options don’t really make things very fast.



  1. they'll shut this game down before I ever get there but who cares

  2. Power Arena would be nice on top of Werewolf starring a Stranger's Swag dude as a werewolf and a Mexican Boss as Igon or Sergio as a zombie for a regular fight event on power attack 2X.

  3. If the Ruby level is already mastered, how will this help?

  4. So I could revisit an old district that I've finished and blow 45K energy in 1 click ? Well thanks Z but something useful would of been nice !!


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