Oct 19, 2014

Missing 2X Property Builds


We haven’t had a 2X Property Build since October 4th and the mafiosos are getting restless [1]. I can’t help but wonder if the Bonus Level of the Laundromat has something to do with it. On October 4th the masses were no where near upgrading to Level 16 and not they have it seems the 2X Property Builds have went dry. The Bonus Level will be around for 20 or 25 more days (depending on your VIP status). Either Zynga forgot about 2X Property Builds or they are going to make us wait until the Bonus Level expires. It shouldn’t matter as speeding up the timer for this level costs 14 reward points. If this is intended than Zynga is missing out. I normally purchase reward points when they are 50% off but since I’m sitting on 1,200 of them just waiting for a 2X Property Build why would I need to buy more? If Zynga was smart they would have had one before reward points went on sale.



  1. We have seen 50 percent RP sales for 2 days now - so the 2 x builds usually comes the day after. I do not see any point in buyng more RPs if there is no 2 x builds. It is hard to make the builds when we have over 1500 RPs with repeat craft

    Have 11000 RP TO SPEND HERE! :(


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