Oct 22, 2014

Fight Loot Generation 40


The 40th generation of fight loot is now dropping in fights, robs and Arenas. The Vampiric Bite is kind of Halloweenish and that’s about the most exciting thing to say about this update as once again it’s useless. Zynga must not be too excited either because they haven't added a banner or updated the Fight page rewards window at the time of this post.  The 4 items are shown below. UPDATE: The banner was added to the game about a week after this loot was added.



  1. Dotted DUD . Appropriate.. a complete dud!

  2. This new fight loot doesn't help even some part-time players, let alone the regulars. What a crock.

  3. Since the Arena came on line fights are a waste of time. I have balanced stamina and energy to advance in levels at will and fighting is useless unless you have Stockholm or some other plugin. I don't even bother. Even the Arena rewards are useless.
    SO I have decided to plant myself at my current level and just build attack points daily. Once I get to a nice number I will start playing actively again. Hopefully the items will benefit me by then.


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