Oct 24, 2014

Family Ice Event 14 Results


The 14th Family Ice Event has expired and the winners are shown below. There were a few firsts in this event. The VGTTT Family reclaimed 1st place from the Sadist Mafia Family and blew the previous record of 23,992,039 ices out of the water [1]. The ABYLTU Family has made their first appearance on the leaderboard. Sadly this is the first Family Ice Event that the Mafia Wars Gods are not on the leaderboard. Of all the Family Ice Events which started about 3 and a half years ago the Mafia War Gods have been made an appearance on 13 out of 14 leaderboards which is something no other family has done. A list of all 14 leaderboards is shown below. Although the top 10 families get rewards the leaderboard only has 4 spots so nobody knows who the other 6 families are. This is something Zynga hasn’t bothered to fix in over 3 years and is probably the reason this type of event isn’t fun for very many families.

For more information on joining the AYLBTU Family, visit their fan page.


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