Oct 16, 2014

Family Ice Event 14 Coming Soon


Loot items for the 14th Family Ice Event have been added to the inventory. Zynga loves to add this event when there is a crap load of stuff going on so look for it soon. The mastery and leaderboard rewards are shown below.


Mastery Items
Leaderboard Rewards


  1. If this was the only thing to double-up on, it wouldn't be so bad. I need to do jobs to get the Beat collection loot, so then I can do Arenas to level up so I can do more jobs to get the Beat collection.

  2. what the *** ... Urban Assault - Arena Smash Up - Family Ice Event - Mexican Beat Down
    Zynga must think we have nothing to do beside this stupid Game -.-

    its way too much for people who got a real life!


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