Oct 28, 2014

Boss File #5: Sergio Chapa


It’s been about 2 weeks since the last Boss Files update was posted on the Mafia Wars fan page [1]. A 5th one was posted and I’m starting to suspect that this isn’t for an event or a feature and may just be a promotion to motivate players to fight these game interrupting bosses [1]. The 5th Boss featured in the files is Sergio Chapa from District 5 of Mexico.



  1. The way they're describing him we might get another Raven.
    I had to laugh, I was just glancing at the name and read Sergio Crap lol

  2. I'm still not sure what the 'autodefense/as' are all about. I guess I need to read up on current Mexican culture.

  3. My progress in Mexico is pathetic because of these bosses...I don't do them, when one pops up, I move on to another district. On many occasions, I have had active bosses in every district and just go back to the old standby job in London when that happens. I won't waste my stamina on those, I prefer to fight for ices, not just mindlessly click a boss whose loot item will be obsolete soon anyway.


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