Sep 10, 2014

Urban Assault Overview


Nine days ago Zynga posted a teaser for a new feature called Urban Assault [1]. It has been released to VIP Titanium+ subscribers and will be available for all players tomorrow at midnight [1]. The feature is really just a Limited Time Mission with more rewards and after 68 of them it’s about time Zynga mixes it up a little. There are a total of 30 Missions which are in a maze and you decide which way you want to go. The 10 Reward Stations offer 3 tiers of rewards and there are other tasks along the way. The FAQ is reprinted below and the original can be found here. The loot rewards, in game instructions and a preview are shown below. A walkthrough will be posted prior to the mass release of this event.

Zynga is full of dramatics. Prior to starting the Mission the host, Kasumi Leonovich, will deliver a message to get you motivated.
There are more loot rewards than with traditional Limited Time Missions and these will be covered in more detail in the walkthrough.

FAQ: Urban Assault

Wed Sep 10 06:54:27 EDT 2014

The Commissioner has been turning up the heat on our businesses and Kasumi wants him gone and gone for good.
Let the very streets he's trying to clean up run red with his blood!

Q: What is Urban Assault?
Urban Assault is a new Limited Time Mission Event which allows you to choose your own path and earn rewards based on your progress in the Mission and the path you choose. Your primary goal is to gun down the assigned target (Commissioner) and you can choose your own path to reach him.

Q: When will the event start?
Early access to Urban Assault will be available to our VIP Members who are on Titanium tier and above on Sept 10th 2014 Midnight PDT. The feature will be rolled out to all players on Sept 11th 2014, Midnight PDT.
This limited time event will end on Sept 20th 2014 23:59 PDT.

Q: How do I access Urban Assault?
Urban Assault can be accessed from the Missions tab or from the Home Page module:

Q: How do I play?
To start playing Urban Assault, click on the Missions tab or “Go Play” on the Home Page module.
Urban Assault game board will display all the Mission and Reward Stations and will guide you through your progress in the event.

Q: What are Mission Stations? How are Reward Stations different from a Mission Station?
The icons visible on the Urban Assault game board are referred to as Mission Stations. There are 4 different types of Mission Stations which indicate the type of tasks they represent:
Mission Station with tasks requiring Energy
Mission Station with tasks requiring Stamina
Mission Station with other tasks
A Reward Station

There are a total of 30 Mission Stations, each containing one or more tasks. Completing a task at a Mission Station will unlock adjacent Mission Station(s).

Reward Stations: Reward Stations are a type of Mission Station which gives out Rewards.
Out of the total 30 Mission Stations, 10 are Reward Stations which are marked with a trophy icon and bullets above them.

Each Reward Station contains 3 tasks. Each bullet above the Reward Station indicates the progress on that particular station.
Completing a task and collecting the Reward on any Reward Station will unlock adjacent Mission Station(s) and will update the Bullet icon.

Q: Can I re-do a task in any of the Mission Stations after completing all tasks?
If you complete all tasks for any Mission Station, it will be marked completed and will be locked. You will be unable to repeat tasks on any completed Mission Stations.

Q: Will the event end if I choose the shortest path and assassinate the assigned target (Commissioner)?
No, the event will remain active even if you choose the shortest path and assassinate the assigned target (Commissioner). You have 2 other challenges (targets) to complete after you assassinate the Commissioner. The event will however expire on Sept 20th 2014 23:59 PDT pm.

Q: What are the Target Rewards?
Apart from the Rewards earned from each Reward Station, there are 3 Target Rewards which can be earned by completing the below three targets of Urban Assault in the following order.
Status of each Target Reward can be viewed on the top left of the Urban Assault game board.

1. Assignment Target: Assassinate the Assigned Target (Commissioner) in the city to earn this Reward.


2. Street-Wise Target: Unlock and complete at least one task at all the Mission Stations in the city to earn this reward.


3. Reputation Target: Complete all Mission Stations including 3 Bullets on each Reward Station in the city.

Go Go Dancer – A special ability Henchmen which adds 500 Pesos to your Mexico Bank* every day until the start of the next season of Urban Assault.

* Please note: If your bank (Banco Dorado) has reached its maximum limit, 500 Pesos will be added to your current balance instead.

Q: Are there any Rewards for choosing the shortest path to assassinate the Commissioner?
No, there are no separate rewards for choosing the shortest path to assassinate the Commissioner.

Q: How can I view the rewards earned in the event at any given time?
At any given time during the event, click on the Trophy icon on the right corner of Urban Assault game board to view the status of Rewards:

Q: Can I restart or reset the event once completed during this season?
No, you cannot restart or reset the event once completed during this season.

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  1. All this and only 11 days???? Seems a bit crazy, lol... 21 days AT LEAST should have been added... this mission is a WHOLE lot more difficult than the regular missions... and we usually get 14 days to complete those... so, now it's harder tasks and less days... I think zynga is sending a message here ;)


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