Sep 10, 2014

Urban Assault Mission Event Walkthrough


The Urban Assault Missions are like Limited Time Missions on crack. Zynga took the standard 33 objectives of Limited Time Missions, wadded them in a ball and threw them into a scatter. The advantages are you can work on multiple Missions at the same time and you are free to move through the maze anyway you like. The only rule to unlock a new Mission is it be adjacent to a completed one.  There are 20 one time tasks and 10 reward tasks. The reward tasks are referred to Reward Stations and each one has 3 tiers. You only need to complete the first tier of a Reward Station to unlock the surrounding Missions. The numbers in the key below only pertain to how the Missions are presented in this post. The white numbers are the one time Missions and the green numbers are the Reward Stations. It’s best to unlock Missions as quickly as possible so that when you do game actions they will apply to more than 1 at the same time. Once you complete the 1st tier of a Reward Station move on and come back to the 2nd and 3rd tiers at a later time. In addition to Mission tasks there are also 3 goals to earn even more rewards. The requirements and payouts of all 50 Missions are shown below. The good news is the number of tasks is not the same on all accounts and is based on unknown account variables. Most likely it's the same system used on Limited Time Missions of the past [1]. Most of the jobs are in South Africa and Mexico and the energy requirements in those destinations are on a gradient based on your level. In theory these 2 factors should make these Missions doable for everyone but they are pretty tough. The numbers shown below are from my account and yours will be different. For an overview of how the event works, go here. Many thanks to Sandy Mager for helping with this post and to Lynn Amber, Gloria Stevenson, Dave Newby, Emanuel Pattyn, Kris Daniels, Marc Bridle for posting updates on our fan page.

ua1 taskmap
Mission Station 1 1Mission Station 22Mission Station 3 3Mission Station 4 4Mission Station 5 6Mission Station 6
Mission Station 7 7Mission Station 8 8Mission Station 9 9Mission Station 10 10Mission Station 11 11Mission Station 12 12Mission Station 13 13Mission Station 14 14Mission Station 15 15Mission Station 16
16Mission Station 17
17Mission Station 18
18Mission Station 19
19Mission Station 20
Reward Station 1
rs1rs2rs3 Reward Station 2 reward2reward2breward2c Reward Station 3
reward3rewards3brewards3cReward Station 4
reward4breward4cReward Station 5 reward5areward5breward5cReward Station 6 reward6areward6breward6cReward Station 7
reward7areward7breward7cReward Station 8
Reward Station 9
reward9areward9breward9cReward Station 10
reward10areward10breward10cJob List

job2ajob3job4job5 job6 job7job8job9
Consumable List
consumable1consumable2consumable3 consumable4 Loot Drop List
drop6drop4drop1drop3drop7 drop5
Feed Request Items
beg1beg2beg3beg4beg5 You don’t have to complete all of the Missions to get to the guy at the bottom. You just have to find a path.  The guy is called The Commissioner and he is the Associate Target which is the first phase of completion. ua7 Hit the image of the gun a few times and get a reward. ua9 ua11 Once you reach The Commissioner the next phase is the Street Wise Target. To get this reward you need to unlock all 30 Missions and complete at least 1 task each.The wording on this is tricky. I believe Zynga means that you must 100% complete all of the stand alone Missions and complete at least 1 tier of each Reward Station Mission. ua14 ua12 The final phase is the Reputation Target. This one requires that complete all Mission Station to include all 3 tiers of each Reward Station. The Go Go Dancer has a special ability and will add +500 Pesos to your Mexico Bank per day. This is something different and cool. ua13 If you click on the Trophy icon there is a reward tracker which is awesome. There are many rewards to be had. You don’t lose any tiered items and get to keep all three. In addition to the loot there are 21 reward points, 58 skill points, a special ability loot item and Arena Power Ups. rewardtracker


  1. That looks like a ton of fun, if I didn't have a life!

  2. Very cool event, one of the best since a year

  3. The jobs are not doable, for me anyway. Each job costs almost all of my energy in one click - so I have to level just to click once more (my ratio being 4.5, this is not quick). I'm trying to work around all those high energy jobs and see how far I can get.

  4. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I am impressed. Nice Feature.
    Andy Grecco

  5. I see its 1 more Event just for Kami users who levels 100 level a day without any problem.
    For the last Players who spent lot of cash for a good ratio, and play without kami, they never will get rewarded. So its easy for me to ignore more 1 event like i have to ignore 80% of all this events. Who plays the good old way get no more space in this game. So i dropped my VIP and stopped to put money in a game where i get discriminated. I never entered Arena. My account is build to play mafia WARS. Play with other familys and have fun. All that crap they give us now its just to force us to spent money for useless crap, cuz without to put money in you cant play anymore. So my game is reduced to fight in Wars, Mocks, FFAs and Drive Bys. Energy i use to left some Exp to the next Level.I cant claim 68 Parts from a Job where each click cost over 4k energy, and just each 5th click drop a part.Not even in 10 days i get this job done. As long i can play my game, like i do that since many years, i will play. My Dad told me `Don´t put money in a dead horse at the horserace` When i cant level anymore i will stop playing and block all ZYNGA games. I get a good job where i gain a good money each month. MW is gona be a second fulltime job with much overtimes where i have to pay for working. The Game lost the fun and each damned Event just made me more angry. I can scan my good old friends daily, and daily some quit the game. Think i will follow soon. No Fun anymore in this game.

    1. I hear you... I feel the same way... my accout is also built for fighting... and as long as Zynga is putting these events out on a gradient based on level and Not stamina and energy pools... it will be the same for me... I have the EXACT same problem you do... and no-one seems to even care just a little bit... I wish those with the power to make Zynga listen would step up and help lower leveled players get back in the game and enjoy the fun the same way as everyone else... not everyone uses scripts and auto-levels 800 times a day... there should be room enough for both kind of players... it's discouraging never to be able to complete any event... and they are only getting more and more difficult...

    2. Also any lower levels cant do all that Events who be made just for the Kami Players. Was a good time as you iced by click and c/p your ices on the opponents wall. Each ice you was proud of. Now they starts his Kami Park to levels his main and go to work. They dont see the ices, just the counter. Like that the game lost all the fun and the real players. Today you fight hims Bot, or 1 script fight the other script without a real player online. The fun on the walls are gone. Scripts dont answer and what rest is a stupid game what was perverted by Zynga. As real Player you cant do the Events. You builded to fight and spent money to get a good account. But you never can spent such big money to get better than the Kami users who levels 500 Levels a day. So to put money in that game is also stupid. I hear the music in the Background. Its a nice song with the name Time to say Goodbye

    3. Learn to play the game mechanics or become extinct. its not rocket science!

  6. total crap aint no way Im gonna put that much time into this phony piece of crap game and I dont care either

  7. Nice update to the mission structure :) Makes a change from copy & paste events.

  8. I am a little stuck. I have to ask for 12 boomerang from mafia. I posted 11.5 hours ago. The 4th person to click was told I already finished. I didn't. A few hours ago, I clicked to ask and was told I'm allowed to ask again in 1:59:xx....... After 2+ hours, I clicked again to ask and I'm told AGAIN to ask again in 1:59:xx....

    It's a loop of not being able to ask, and those who click the post from 11 hours ago are told "already completed".

    No, I'm not VIP(for contacting support). Anyone else having this issue?

  9. Update. I refreshed -a lot- and finally show completed (asking for boomerangs). You don't have to post my post :)

  10. This is at least new and different. And fun, given what passes for "fun" in the game nowadays. Thanks for the walkthrough, Loot Lady -- definitely helpful with planning my attack, so to speak. :)

  11. Do xxx job 60 times seems silly but doable. Loot xxx number of items from doing the job XXXXXXXXXX times seems ridiculous. If they are going to tie drop items the drop rate can't be 30% -- must be closer to 75% to make this reasonable.

    1. You have to realize something... this game is no longer designed for everyone. It's designes for the few heavy payers of the game... and the thousands of kami users/script users as mentioned somehwere above in a previous post. A standard player with an account built for fighting and one who doesn't use scripts or thousands of dollars every week has no chance anymore... Zynga is making these events so hard to squeeze more money oit of the players who DO spend the cash... leaving the avarage player in the dust... frustrated and discouraged. And the worst part of it is... NO-ONE cares... people start their scripts and leave for hours... and come back and have completed everything and gained 500 levels... the fact that there are so many high stamina and energy players is just forcing Zynga to make the events harder and harder... and unless you gain 20,000 skill points a month... you are toast.

      And the common response to this frustration is: "Quit whining or quit playing", "Try FarmVille, I hear that's less beaty"

      No-one cares... and no-one will ever do anything...

  12. Nice description! But you left out the Job: Put an End to Your Ex-Mafia's Operation where we need to Loot 90 Winnow Wasp. It's all I have left, and wanted to know what City it's in, and how much Energy I'll need. thanks for the great work!

  13. For those who think this is a great feature, one of the best, please post your clan names so we can visit and remind you this isn't a tinker toy game. We will be only to happy come visit and see how well you fare

  14. one thing i never understand is according to level of player no of arena ices sa ices mexico ices is change i mean i required 90 and here 300 maximum but in jobs the no of items reuired i.e 90 is same for all level player

  15. Well, I finished this and Go Go girl, but i don't track my pesos...there is no in game notice about receiving the pesos daily - it would be nice to know that I'm actually getting them. :-(


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