Sep 1, 2014

The Pub Mock War Loot Item: Valkyrie Rebel


Last week we told you about the next Zynga sponsored mock war to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the The Pub Family [1]. Wednesday is the last day to register. Zynga made a nice announcement on their blog today and it’s reprinted below [1]. It’s very touching to see that the Pub Family chose to honor the memory of one of their own by dedicating the mock war to Linda Louise Mansell. The loot item is named after Linda's Mafia Wars name and her initials appear on the left arm. This loot item will be very special to all who knew her and we can only hope that she is in a better place smiling about it.


One of our dedicated Mafia Wars Families, The Pub will be celebrating their 3rd Anniversary this weekend. This mock war is also dedicated in memory of Linda Louise Mansell, also known as Valkyrie Rebel, who belonged to the Pub family.

Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, Valkyrie Rebel (312 Attack /  246 Defense) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in this mock war. The mock war is scheduled from Sept 5, 8 PM PDT - Sept 7, 8 PM PDT, 2014.

The Pub

If you are part of a Family celebrating their birthday, (third anniversary and above), let us know so we can help you have a mock war to celebrate your Family's loyalty to Mafia Wars. Fill out the form here --->

-The Mafia Wars Team


  1. My clan is 4 years old and two of our members have passed, where the hell was Zynga for us? Oh thats right were not CC players so we don't matter.

    1. Several families have members who passed, including ours. We are also over 3 years old.

      Your whiny comment doesn't make sense in response here. What do you think, Zynga just magically knows the status of every player?

      I'm sure the admins putting together the event properly notified Zynga and gave the information so this loot item could be created. There is much work to organize these things. Why not fill out the form that Zynga supplied and go to the effort of organizing an event with your family leading it? Is it too much effort that you'd rather criticize someone else instead?

      I'm not a CC player but I do have a clue. Quit being such a hater

      (I'm also not VIP, nor in The Pub, nor a member of the MWLL team. Just a player. If I can read your bitterness, imaging other readers can also.).

    2. great response to a dumbass comment. hats off to you. and to the original poster...maybe you should be less concerned about whats in it for you and just enjoy the ride. :)

    3. Everybody wants to give something to you but unfortunately, we don't have a link for anonymous. So if you'd like your prize, please provide a mw link :D

    4. Dude, get a grip ok -- when you make efforts things work out for you but when people like you wait around assuming someone will just give you something without doing anything you will be highly disappointed.. So stop being lazy and do something other then cry like a baby....

  2. Did you bother to ASK them and put the TIME into organizing an event, or are you just "stomping" your foot and crying "Where's mine?"

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Anonymous, it is very hard and heart wrenching to lose a family member. The Pub contacted Zynga through their link that they provide to request their sponsorship for an event. We have worked very hard on this event, and so has Zynga, they designed the beautiful Valkyrie Rebel for us and to commemorate a very loved member of our family. All of our sponsors have been very supportive and helpful in getting the Boozer's Bash put together and the Pub would like to thank everyone for your support. We would also like to thank our wonderful Loot Lady for her sponsorship :-)


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