Sep 18, 2014

Smashup-Rank by Spockholm Mafia Tools


Thanks to scripts there is rarely a need to go to the Arena and getting there is a pain in the ass [1]. Unfortunately the leaderboard for the Arena Smashup is only displayed in the Arena and depending on your level of obsessiveness you may be visiting often. Thankfully Team Spockholm created a nifty tool which is actually better than what is in the Arena and most importantly it’s not necessary to travel to the Arena. Use the link below to add the Smashup-Rank Spocklet to your Spockholm Mafia Toolbar. When you want to view your rank and/or progress launch it from your toolbar. A nice chart will appear that requires no scrolling and lists changes in both your score and that of your opponents since the previous launch. For questions and feedback on this tool, go here.



  1. it would be better if spocks would be maintained, i think i am not alone with that hint ;)

    1. Annual donation would likely help that..

  2. Glad I'm not in that league; I would have only gotten 10th place.

  3. it's fixed phony and a joke

  4. It's rigged like all the phony ice sessions crap junk bullshit get the point


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