Sep 11, 2014

Quest-o-Meter by Spockholm Mafia Tools


The layout of the Urban Assault Missions look more like a organic chemistry equation than they do list of Missions and it can get pretty complicated when it’s time to check progress. I can’t count how many times I clicked on the wrong circle or ended up on the wrong page. It may look cool but it’s not user friendly and you have to constantly refresh the game to get an accurate assessment of your progress. Team Spockholm created the Quest-o-Meter as an alternative. It will list each of the 30 Missions and provide useful information about all active Missions at a glance. The order of the Missions is based on the number Zynga used in the backcode and details will only appear if the Mission is active. To add this Spocklet to your Spockholm Toolbar click the link below. For questions and feedback go here.



  1. what is the problem? what i see is people just buy that mission off, i am down without your "experience" in 10 hours.

  2. I have a question...

    I have a task with no visible rewards (clear robbing boards). Both legs which would be activated by doing this task are already active.

    Am I missing something, or should we just ignore non-reward tasks which are not required for activating the reward tasks? or do we need to do all to complete or get to some final task?

    And thanks Jen...without you some MW events would be much harder or even impossible to complete.

    Jack S

  3. Darren Fozzie FoskettSeptember 11, 2014 at 10:39 AM

    Sweeeeet. Very nice tool. Will be used a lot!
    Great job on this one. :)

  4. I would totally go with the map instead of the spockhom Quest-O-Meter. Looks way cooler and interesting.

  5. thank you for all you do for those of us who play MW

  6. I can see where to go and what is needed before going to the actual city. I do love the map, but it is not user friendly at all. Thanks for posting....yah!!!!

  7. I really wish that there was some way to "see into the future" on this quest, because as FABulous as the Quest-o-meter is (and my family both likes and is using it quite a bit), it can't tell me what I'm coming up against. It seems there are more than one set of tasks for this mission, or they're arranged in different orders for different folks. The Zynga map blacks them out once you've finished them, so unless you keep a "copy" of what you did it's impossible to figure out what it was unless your didactic memory goes into play, and I'm no Sheldon Cooper.
    One thing I don't find explained here is what the green numbers in parenthesis mean on the meter. I don't see them on your snapshot, Jen, but I have them all over mine. What do they represent, exactly?

  8. where is the mexican bonus mission?? the link provided takes me to Saltillo, but the names of the bonus missions are not what the Urban Assault mission is asking for.

    1. You need to scroll down to the part about the Bonus Jobs. I didn't feel like repeating everything I already wrote. The Mission tasks are to do bonus jobs (bonus job #3) so it is what they are asking for.


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