Sep 19, 2014

Operations Event 18: Vegas Wild Card


The 18th (yes 18!) Operations Event is now available. Zynga loves to throw these in when there are a million other things going on in the game and it makes it that much harder to get help. This one is called Vegas Wild Card and it’s the 3rd Operations Event to feature Las Vegas jobs and characters. The currency this time is all Pesos. Last time we got Rand and Pesos depending on the Operation [1]. Like always there are 10 days to complete 15 Operations (3 easy, 3 Medium and 3 Hard). The helper limit is still 150 and this is enough to max on the loot items. The Operator by Team Spockholm will help you ask for help as well as do and find Operations. The Italian Files Operation Group is a good place to go if you need help getting your Operations finished. The Operations and rewards are shown below. For a detailed walkthrough of this events works, go here.

There are 15 new Operations and 15 new snippets from job images from Las Vegas. For those who miss that destination this may be as close as we get unless Zynga offers a re-release as many have been asking for. Technically there are 5 new Operations and each one has 3 levels. As you progress in level the number of slots, requirements, payouts and time allotted to complete them increase.
Each leader of a completed Operation will get 4 of the loot items shown below and the helpers will get 3.

Each time you finish 5 Operations of the same difficulty you get a bronze, silver or gold mastery item called the Blue Eyed Tiger. You only get to keep the one with the highest level.

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