Sep 9, 2014

New Daily Shuffle Loot Items


The loot items available in the Daily Shuffle have once again been updated and a pattern has emerged. It appears that when new Crates are released that the loot items from the previous Crates will be added. When the Daily Shuffle was first introduced in April the loot items came from Invincible, Loud and Junk Yard Crates [1].  The feature was pulled and reintroduced in July and the loot items came from Cyber Punk, Child’s Play and Prohibition Crates [1]. In the middle of August the loot was updated again and came from Desperado and Confectionary Crates [1]. About a week ago the loot changed once again and now we get items from Matador and Spring Crates. Items from Confectionary Crates still appear and there are also a few older Marketplace items thrown in for good measure. Not that this matters as most of us get consumables, currency and parts for South Africa! Thanks to Shu for keeping track of all this.



  1. "most of us get consumables, currency and parts for South Africa!" Wow, that's the truth!! Luck has not been on my side getting very many valuable items from the Daily Shuffles. But, oh, it's those daily chances of getting an item with 280 to 295 atk or def that keeps drawing me back.

    1. I've got plenty of South African parts and consumables, too. I don't need them, I've finished SA except Jonasburg and my property is fully upgraded. Also have plenty of Rand. Wish they would add some Mexican consumables, I can use those. I have got some decent items, too tho.

    2. Seems no one gets anything good from these shuffles. I haven't heard one person say they do all right with them. The other day I had 7 good items and 2 consumables to pick from, and I still got one of the sh*t items.


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